So I will start the blog with one of my favorite pieces.

This is a very early Eames rocker.
The seat is produced by Zenith Plastics. The first producer of fiberglass arm-shells for Herman Miller in 1951.
These chairs were hand produced. They are identifiable by the rope surrounding the edge of the shell, hence the name rope-edge arm-shell.  These were placed in the body of the chair to allow the chair to be pulled from the mould easily.
These also have a transfer sticker that is typically referred to as the "checkerboard" label.  This example is chipped but you can see the idea.
I'll add a photo of the label below.

The colour of this chair is the most desirable , being sea-foam green.
Highly fibrous and very thick and heavy.  A very substantial feel to these chairs.

The rocker base of this chair is exceptionally rare.
The front rods of the rocker rods are crossed in the middle and are attached to the back side rails. 
These were discontinued very early in the production as they caught on peoples legs and were deemed uncomfortable.  Personally, I have never noticed this problem.  
Due to this fact, the base was made in very limited numbers. Less than 1000 of these in black and zinc were produced and if you are an Eames nerd it is a very big deal.

The base is finished on a solid birch rocker.



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